STARTPOINT Business & Markets Strategies offers services specially designed to guarantee the maximum possible value in the chain of disused assets of its clients, through the application of several advanced sales techniques.

Management of productive units, personal property, real estate and stock. Valuation of assets of any industrial sector at “real market price”. Organization of international sales of industrial assets of any sector. Acquisition of inactive complete factories of any sector and any amount. Decommissioning / selective demolition / demolition at zero ammount of industrial plants. Consultancy in processes of internal redistribution of assets at corporate level. Management of real estate sales.

STARTPOINT Business & Markets Strategies collaborates with:

Insolvency administrators, lawyers, economists and liquidators. National and International companies. Administrations and public companies. Unions and groups of workers. Financial institutions (Banks, leasing and renting companies, Insurance …) Business Banks, Audit Companies, Mergers & Acquisitions firms.